RBC Customer Service Number | Contact Support, Email, Credit Card, Online, Mobile, Banking

The Royal Bank of Canada is a Canadian multinational financial services company and the largest bank in Canada. Royal Bank of Canada or RBC offers wide range of products and services that are aimed to address varied consumer needs. In order to get in touch with Royal Bank of Canada customer service representatives, please refer to given RBC customer service contact details to avail hassle free assistance.
  • RBC Customer Service Number: 1-800-769-2511 | TTY: 1-800-661-1275
  • RBC Customer Service for Credit Cards and Business Clients: 1-800-769-2512 | TTY: 1-800-769-2518
  • RBC Business Banking Customer Service Number: 1-800-769-2520
  • RBC Online Banking and Mobile Banking: 1-800-769-2555

RBC Customer Service for Insurance Products

For information or complaints regarding the insurance products offered by RBC or Royal Bank of Canada, customers may refer to specifically given customer service contact details.
  • Home Protector Insurance and LoanProtector Insurance: 1-800-769-2523
  • BalanceProtector Insurance (optional protection for RBC Credit Cards): 1-888-896-2766
  • Business Loan Insurance Plan: 1-800-769-2523
  • Travel HealthProtector: 1-866-625-3508

RBC Global Telephone Numbers

  • Telephone Banking: +800-0-769-2511
  • Online/Mobile Banking Technical Support: +800-0-769-2555
  • Credit Cards: +800-0-769-2512
Note for Calling RBC Customer Service: Please add the respective country code before dialling the number.