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Chegg Customer Service Phone Number

Chegg is an online educational platform that provides a wide range of academic services to students. It offers various resources and tools to help students with their learning and educational journey. Chegg's primary focus is on textbook rentals, allowing students to save money by renting textbooks for a specific period instead of purchasing them outright. In addition to textbook rentals, Chegg offers services such as online tutoring, study guides, textbook solutions, and homework help.
  • Chegg Customer Service Number: 1-855-581-9873
  • Customer Service Hours: Monday–Friday, 5am–6pm Pacific Time.
  • Chegg Customer Service Email:
  • Chegg Phone & Chat Support Hours: Mon-Fri | 5am–6pm PT
  • Chegg Social Support Hours: 7 days a week | 7am–10pm PT
  • Privacy:
  • Legal:
In order to reach management at Chegg, customers and other interested parties may adhere to given contact information
Q: What is the customer service phone number for Chegg?
A: You can reach Chegg's customer service by dialing 1-855-581-9873. This is their dedicated phone number for customer inquiries and support.

Q: How can I contact Chegg's customer service?
A: To get in touch with Chegg's customer service, simply call their phone number at 1-855-581-9873. Their knowledgeable representatives will assist you with any questions or concerns you have.

Q: What are the hours of operation for Chegg's customer service?
A: The specific hours of operation for Chegg's customer service may vary, so it's advisable to check their website or contact them directly at 1-855-581-9873 to confirm their current availability.

Q: Can I get help with my Chegg account or subscription by calling their customer service?
A: Yes, Chegg's customer service is available to assist you with any account-related questions or subscription inquiries. Call 1-855-581-9873 to get help with account settings, billing, subscriptions, or any other Chegg-related matter.

Q: Is there a separate customer service phone number for Chegg Study or Chegg Tutors?
A: While the availability of separate phone numbers for Chegg Study or Chegg Tutors may vary, you can contact Chegg's main customer service line at 1-855-581-9873 for assistance with any of their services.

Q: What information should I have ready when calling Chegg's customer service?
A: Before calling Chegg's customer service, have your account details, such as your username or email associated with your Chegg account, as well as any relevant order numbers or subscription information. This will help the customer service representative assist you more efficiently.

Q: Can I contact Chegg's customer service outside of regular business hours?
A: Chegg's customer service hours may vary, so it's best to check their website or contact them at 1-855-581-9873 to confirm their availability. While they may not offer 24/7 support, they strive to provide assistance during their designated business hours to address your inquiries or concerns.

Q: Is Chegg's customer service available internationally?
A: Yes, Chegg's customer service phone number, 1-855-581-9873, is accessible internationally. Whether you're located within the United States or outside, you can use this number to contact their customer service and receive assistance with your Chegg account or services.

Q: Can Chegg's customer service help with technical issues related to their website or mobile app?
A: Absolutely! If you encounter any technical issues or have problems accessing Chegg's website or mobile app, their customer service at 1-855-581-9873 can provide guidance and support. They are well-equipped to assist you with troubleshooting steps or direct you to the appropriate resources for resolving technical difficulties.

Q: What other ways can I reach Chegg's customer service besides phone calls?
A: In addition to phone calls, Chegg provides customer support through other channels. You can try reaching out to them via their online chat support available on their website or through their official social media accounts. These channels may offer additional options for connecting with their customer service team.

Q: Can I request a refund or discuss billing issues with Chegg's customer service?
A: Yes, if you have questions or concerns regarding billing, refunds, or any financial matters related to your Chegg account or services, their customer service representatives at 1-855-581-9873 can assist you. They will address your inquiries and provide guidance on the necessary steps to resolve any billing issues.

Q: Is it possible to escalate a concern or speak to a supervisor when contacting Chegg's customer service?
A: If you need to escalate a concern or speak to a supervisor while interacting with Chegg's customer service, kindly request to be transferred or inquire about their escalation process. They will guide you through the appropriate channels to ensure your concerns are addressed and resolved to your satisfaction.