PayPal Customer Service Phone Number

PayPal Holdings, Inc., generally known as PayPal is an American company operating an online payments system across the globe that supports online money transfers, and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper alternatives, also operating as a payment processor for online vendors, auction sites, and other commercial users. Authorities at PayPal are available at continuous assistance of customers, promising of hassle free assistance with regard to relevant concerns and queries. For Personal and Business customers to communicate grievances with PayPal kindly refer to given customer service contact information
  • PayPal Customer Service Number: 1-888-221-1161
  • PayPal Customer Service Number Outside US: 1-402-935-2050
  • PayPal Customer Service Espanol: 1-888-914-8072
  • Hours of Calling: 5:00 AM PT to 8:00 PM PT Monday through Friday | 6:00 AM PT to 6:00 PM PT Saturday and Sunday
  • PayPal Credit Customer Service Number: 1-866-528-37335AM-8PM PT, Monday through Friday and 6AM-6PM PT, Saturday and Sunday
  • Customer Support Manager:

PayPal Corporate Contact Number and Email

  • Senior Account Manager:
  • Corporate Communications:
  • Chief Financial Officer And Executive Vice President Global:
  • Corporate Communications: +1 646 667 5065
  • Director Corporate Communications: +1 408 219 0563
  • Professional Services: +1 908 295 9083