JailATM Customer Service Phone Number


Jail ATM is mainly concerned with rendering financial transaction services to the inmates in Henry County Jail. It is the fastest, yet convenient way to transfer money to the inmates. Moreover, Jail ATM is looked over by Henry County Sheriff's offices, which is available at continuous assistance of Jail ATM users.  In order to communicate concerns and queries with regard to Jail ATM and other relevant concerns, esteemed customers may refer to given customer service phone numbers and email address.
  • Jail ATM Customer Service Phone Number: 1-877-810-0914
  • Sheriff's Office Phone Number: (912) 652-7609
  • Jail ATM Email Support: support@jailatm.com
  • Jail ATM Support: 870-627-5476
  • Jail Commander: 770-288-7061
  • Assistance Jail Commander: 770-288-7055
  • For Information About JailATM Inmate Accounts: 770-288-7053
  • Information about Inmate Money and Phone Cards: 770-288-7053
Detailed information about JailATM is available here!

For more information online, visit: https://support.jailatm.com/contact.cshtml
To get in touch with sheriff's office with regard to JailATM, visit: Jail Division Supervisors

JailATM Disclaimer: Before availing the services of JailATM, esteemed customers are advised to read all the relevant and necessary information from the official website.

JailATM Contact Information

Jail ATM is governed by Tech Friends, and given information may be helpful for customers of Jail ATM services.

How to Create Jail ATM Account 

In order to be able to create a JailATM account without facing any complications, kindly follow given steps for a hassle experience.
  • Visit: www.jailatm.com
  • Click on Sign In at The Top Right Corner
  • Enter Your Email Address
  • Fill Out All  The Relevant Information On The Personal Details Form
  • Click Save
  • Create A Password
  • Check Your Email Inbox, There Will Be An Activation Link. 
  • Click On It and Sign In Using Your Email Address And Password