Nordstrom Customer Service Phone Number

Nordstrom, Inc. is one of the leading fashion retailers offering exceptional clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. The core aim of Nordstorm is to cater the needs of customers with quality products that exceed expectations. To get in touch with Nordstorm Customer Service representatives, esteemed customers may refer to given contact details.
  • Nordstrom International Customer Service Number: 1-319-846-4140
  • Customer Service Number (USA): 1-888-282-6060
  • Customer Service Number (Canada): 1-877-794-5304
  • Nordstorm Credit Services: 1-800-964-1800
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Nordstrom Corporate Office Headquarters Contact Details

To reach Nordstrom Corporate offices concerned parties may refer to given contact deails
  • Address: Nordstrom Direct Inquiries 1700 Seventh Avenue, Suite 300 Seattle, WA 98101
  • Corporate Phone Number: 1-206-628-2111
  • Fax: 1-206-628-1795

Additional Nordstrom Customer Service Phone Number

For additional information esteemed customers may refer to below provided phone numbers for a hassle free experience.
  • Online Personal Stylists: 1.877.310.8537.
  • Designer Specialists: 1.877.543.7463.
  • Beauty Stylists: 1.800.723.2889.
  • Wedding Stylists: 1.888.300.1295.