California LifeLine Customer Service Phone Number

California Life Line Program is a state governed program that provides discounted home phone and cell phone services to eligible households dwelling across the region. The California Life Line discounts help consumers lower the cost of their phone bills to a great extent. Only one discount per household is allowed. Every household must choose to get the discount either on a home phone or on a cell phone, but not on both. California Lifeline Customer Service team is available at continuous assistance of customers, offering expedited assistance to address relevant concerns and queries. For more information, adhere to above furnished customer service contact information.
  • California Lifeline Customer Service Number - English Language: 1-866-272-0349 | Spanish Language: 1-866-272-0350 | Lao/Hmong Language: 1-866-272-0351 | Khmer (Cambodian) Language: 1-866-272-0352 | Tagalog Language: 1-866-272-0353 |  Korean Language: 1-866-272-0354 | Vietnamese Language: 1-866-272-0355 | Mandarin/Cantonese Language: 1-866-272-0356 | Japanese Language: 1-866-296-0860
  • California Lifeline Customer Service for Forms, PIN, Due Date, and Disqualification: For English: 1-877-858-7463 | TTY : 1-888-858-7889
  • Mailing Address: California LifeLine Administrator P.O. Box 8417 Westminster, CA 92684-8417