California Lifeline Customer Service Phone Number

The California LifeLine Program provides discounted home phone and cell phone services to qualified households. The California LifeLine discounts help consumers lower the cost of their phone bills. California Lifeline Customer Service representatives can be contacted by the means of above provided contact information in order to be able to communicate relevant concerns and queries and seek resolution in an expedited manner.
  • California Lifeline Customer Service Number - English Speakers: 1-866-272-0349 | Spanish Speakers: 1-866-272-0350 | Lao/Hmong Speakers: 1-866-272-0351 | Khmer (Cambodian) Speakers: 1-866-272-0352 | Tagalog Speakers: 1-866-272-0353 | California Lifeline Program Customer Service Number for Korean Speakers: 1-866-272-0354 | Vietnamese Speakers: 1-866-272-0355 | Mandarin/Cantonese Speakers: 1-866-272-0356 | Japanese Speakers: 1-866-296-0860 
  • California Lifeline Customer Service for Forms, PIN, Due Date, and Disqualification - English : 1-877-858-7463 | TTY : 1-888-858-7889